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September 29th, 2016

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Hollywood may not be too keen on casting Ashley Greene in any projects in the future but this doesn’t bother her much as she’s too busy in her own world at the moment. If having a sex tape will shock her fans and bashers, the more their jaws would drop if they discover who Greene’s lovers are and what kind of dicks she prefers drilling that ass of hers. Yes, all these lucky perverted old men! May sound off to some but watching this hardcore anal sex clip shows how much fun Greene is having while blowing on a boner and riding this old man’s surprisingly stiff cock.

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May 23rd, 2016

She’s a gorgeous and feisty chick, alright, but ever since Ashley Greene admitted that she’s tomboy and always trying to keep up with her older brother doing not so girly stuff, her fans never seem to mind and they continued admiring her vampire-ish beauty that never fades even after the Twilight franchise. While Greene did blossom to be just like any other young girls who long to be in the fashion industry at some point in their lives, she found her passion in acting when told to audition for commercials instead. She fell in love and the rest was history. But most of you may never know her other skills and special projects, which would take your mind off her confession of being sorta lesbo, until you watch this leaked video of hers. Yes, Ashley Greene is just like the rest of the Hollywood stars, she let’s stuff slip every now and then and expose herself in a different light. You’ll be delighted to see her take on a role that you’d never think she would even consider trying.

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She pretends to be some heartbroken chick who found peace about her sexuality through her kind and understanding employer. Confiding in him about the real reason why she’s lonely and the reason why her douche of a boyfriend left her may just be the best thing she ever done in her life. Portraying a naive babe who’s yet to get her cherry popped, she did awesome having this perverted man’s hands all over her and inside her. After making her feel that it’s perfectly fine to have sex because she can stay a virgin if he’s to only stick his cock inside her ass, Greene’s character looked so authentically naive that some of you might feel a bit sorry for her. But, no worries! Of course she ended up having a wild time getting her holes fingered and plowed, that’s the whole point of the role play, after all. She really is one hell of an actress. In a brief moment there, I felt her riding this boner so rough that it’s oh so too late to pull out and I felt all my juice explode inside her. Pretty sure that is what happened on set, that’s one fuckin’ lucky bastard. She might say how boy-ish she’d act or speak but this video is not fooling anyone!

Ashley’s Photo Scandal!

July 5th, 2010

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Ashley Greene’s scandal photos have been spreading all over the internet like wildfire. It is confirmed that the alleged scandalous pictures of Twilight New Moon’s starlet have already surfaced the internet showing a sexy Ashley Greene posing naked. According to some press reports, her lawyers have already issued a statement about the alleged scandal pictures that were leaked saying: “The photos in question, which appear to be of our client, are illegal and are being unlawfully displayed. Our client intends to take legal action.”

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It’s probably  just another publicity stunt for Ashley Greene to boost up her career now that the Twilight sequel is being shown in cinemas. Although I was just wondering how come the photos just leaked now, there has been a series of raunchy scandal photos that have made their way on the web recently. Geez! It’s raining scandal pictures of celebrities taking photos of themselves and spreading them around for the ultimate publicity stunt!

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